Wednesday, 25 May 2011

21 + 14

Today is my birthday, i am 21 +14 ..not sure i'm ready to say the actual age, i honestly still feel about 20, time has flown and it feels like i'm trying to cling onto, dig my nails in and try to slow it down. I don't mean the physical effects of time, i mean that it feels like i have not achieved anything yet, there is still much to do and experience and lets not get started on the whole marriage/children thing..THE PRESSURE.

That aside, its been an interesting birthday, i'm used to birthdays passing without notice but today i was incredibly touched to receive so many message via facebook and twitter..a whopping 192 in total, impossible to reply to them all (well, i could but i'm sure my employer would have words with me) but rest assured that each and everyone made me smile.

I worked today and this evening, although i had planned to go out i just didn't feel like it, its a busy busy month and the opportunity of a night in was too much to pass on, thats incredibly pathetic i know, but a full month without a day off and being 21 +14 does that to a girl.

My gifts to myself today were a gorgeous silver ring shaped like a fern leaf and a years membership to the gym, turning 21 + 14 has led me to think that perhaps i should do more of exercise stuff, after all, looping shopping centres and doing the running man on a Saturday night, will not keep a woman fit forever..will they? WILL THEY? god, i wish they would.

So, the year ahead i intend to make changes, physical ones, emotional ones..somethings got to give and being 21 +14 means i need to grow up, take more care, not be so free with my thoughts and feelings and generally be a woman, a real life grown up woman...a 35 year old woman