Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Farewell 2010

The past 4 weeks i've spent working on projects for 2011, indeed even as far ahead as December already..this is nothing new, it is quite the norm for me, I always seem to be a good 6 months ahead of myself, I dont honestly know if this is a good thing or not, either way, i always seem to be looking forward, not having the time to look back so much.

This week i rectified that, like some kind of warped version of the Christmas Carol I reflected on the year past. To be totally honest, its been a pig! I dont say that lightly, i can deal with stress with the best of them but 2010 has been a particularly unkind year.

Starting the year off with a redundancy was not the best of starts, following that with money worries from not working, a health scare and heartache, plus sprinkling in burst water pipes, collapsing ceilings, broken cars and various other domestic nightmares, 2010 has taken me to corners of my mind i dont really want to re-visit anytime soon.

Don't get me wrong, i am not "woe is me-ing", far from it,i am aware of the billions of people who have life much worse than i do, i keep them in mind constantly..i remind myself how lucky i am.

2010 led me to people who have made me smile, laugh like a drain and love without boundries, i've also met people who have truly hurt me, causing me heartache..yet, despite that, its these people who have also helped make me who i am, testing my boundaries and my resiliance.. i am 34 years old and i am finally getting to know myself, these negetive events have led me to learn incredibly valuable lessons about life and myself.

The me i have discovered is a woman who no matter what drags me down, i will haul myself up from my boots, dust my self down, smile and carry on...the smile is important, perhaps THE most important part, its a deflective tool which enhances my grit and determination and hides my fear - it is my weapon of choice if you will.. 2011, take this as your warning, 2010 tried to beat me -it did not, and neither will you, you can try, but i'll smile and carry on!

Work as if it was your  first day.  Forgive as soon as possible.  Love without boundaries.  Laugh without control and never stop smiling.

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