Saturday, 25 September 2010

Angels, Arbuckles and all things Ace!

Well, what a week..i mean that in a good way, in fact, the best way!

Its been busy busy busy with work, for those that dont know my working life is split 4 ways, this, at times can be difficult, but most of the time, like this week, it is incredibly fulfilling!

So, the start of the week (and most weeks) I can be found at Lingo this is always a fun, creative and lively environment to be and I pretty much have a smile on my face the whole time I'm here. LingoLiz is fast becoming a kindred spirit and partner in crime. Anyway, this week work was completed and made live for another one of our lovely clients Arbuckles The website has subsequently received press coverage, been Lingo promoted and custom facebooked..client happy so all in all a job well done..i like this!

Other things from Lingo this week; well it has been a real mixed bag but some highlights include working with the amazing Kymberlee Jay from Scoobot Dance on PR for her forthcoming Street Dance classes. Kym is an incredibly talented dancer and Nike athlete who has featured in Madonna videos "Hung Up" and "Sorry", she also choreographed Cheryl Cole for the ITV show "Passions of Girls Aloud" which saw CC head to the states to persue her dream of becoming a street dancer...anyway, I'm really enjoying working with Kym and personally cannot wait to take part in the classes too *nervous face* i fear i will not be an easy student...the poor brave girl!

So, other stuff from this week includes development of Custom Facebook Pages as well as our Social Media Angels project. Also some design work for the ever- lovely James from Shining Tree . So the rest of my working week was made up of 3/4 days as an event manager and then freelance PR/event work and a bit more Lingo-ing. Over the past few days this has led me to deal with a lot of politics, a lot of paperwork a lot of creative planning and a whole lot of Pumpkins..all interesting in their own way!

Anyway, its the weekend now and aside from the farce which saw me sitting on my doorstep for hours awaiting a locksmith, so far so good! Weekends are something I definitely need to get back into the habit of taking, all work and no play know the rest.

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