Monday, 6 September 2010

Celebrations, ale and carnivals

So after a hectic weekend in Leicester visiting the family and co, my feet are firmly back on Norfolk soil.

The weekend kicked off with the brother in laws (three of)  hauling me down the pub to try various ales, now, as i am a fully paid up member of CAMRA i see this as my duty to test each and everyone on offer or until i fall over, which ever comes this case i managed to get through them all without incident, although I'm not entirely sure it was my wisest move attending a carnival bright and early the following morning. I can confirm, greasy food stalls, bright colour and diesel generators does not ease hangovers!

The weekend culminated with a family gathering celebrating the outlaws fifty years of marriage, in this instance it was immediate family only, i do love being part of a family so large that an intimate dinner is a minimum of 20 people! It was a night full of laughter, joy and reminiscing and a couple of tears on my part, caused only when one of my brother in laws produced a huge bouquet of yellow roses for the celebrating couple and a card which read "from your boys, your girls and your babies" i guess after 50 years of whatever life throws at you, those are the only things that truly matter.

Oh, in case you are wondering, the key to a long and (relatively ) happy marriage is give & take..that and clearing off down the trains when the wife is having a rant!

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