Thursday, 2 September 2010


Oooh look, my first blog (albeit just a little one for now) 

If you are reading this then i will warn you know, i tend to talk a lot. Whether it be work, or play or whatever my cake of the day has been (yes, i have a cake every day, sometimes two - today it was a belgian bun!).

Things i tend to talk about, often at length include PR, event management, cake, wine, The Fairyland Trust a conservation charity of which i am on the management team, capes, communications, music, pirates and Lambrettas..its an eclectic mix, but hopefully one you may find interesting.

So, after a heavy week in my other events job, tomorrow see's a new chapter of my life start, at 9am i will be hammering on the door of Lingo Design for my first day with them, excited is an understatement, they are a brilliant company and i cannot wait to be part of their team..i only hope they can cope with my terrible jokes!

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